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Arras and its surroundings

The essentials in Arras:

The Grand'Place, the Place des Héros, the Belfry (climb and boves)

The Theater Square and the House of Maximilian Robespierre

Saint Vaast Abbey, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Cathedral

Mont de Piété, the narrow streets of the shore and Saint Peter's Hospice

Place Victor Hugo

The citadel of Vauban, the wall of the shots, the Royal Gate, the Saint Louis Chapel and the British Memorial of the suburb of Amiens

Wellington Quarry

The Archaeological Site of Nemetacum



But during the day, from Arras, you will also be able to discover ...

small paved streets and the belfry of Douai, immortalized by Corot; you can have lunch in a typical tavern called "Le Prévert", facing the theater; then continue on to the old Lewarde mine site, converted into a museum.


from "La Piscine", Museum of Art and Industry, Roubaix or "Villa Cavrois", architectural work of Robert Mallet-Stevens, located in Croix; you can then complete your day on Lille, in the heart of "Old Lille" where we recommend pastries from "Meert".


the "Dome of Helfaut-Wizernes", launching base of V2 rockets during the Second World War; lunch in Saint-Omer and discover the Marais Audomarois, departing from the "Maison du Marais", embarked on a boat, traditional wooden boat.


from the Opal Coast and climb to the peaks of the Caps Blanc-Nez and Gris-Nez to admire the English coast. Then, along the seaside to Boulogne-sur-Mer where you can stroll in the streets of the Upper City or walk on the ramparts.


from Amiens, capital of Picardy: after visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral, you can discover the Saint Leu district and especially the Hortillonnages, 300 hectares of gardens in the middle of ancient marshes. A restaurant idea? the "Zinc T'chiot" or "Leu duo".


Mount Kassel; lunch at "T Kasteelhof" and visit the beautiful garden of Mont des Récollets. Then continue your route through Flanders to Bergues, "the small Bruges of the North", Dunkerque and the beach of Malo-les-Bains.


from Louvres Lens and on the road, visit the gigantic Canadian Vimy Memorial.


And come back, in the evening, to rest at the cottage,

So why not stay several days in Arras ...

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